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Subject: Economics

Type of Work: Project

Price: Projects vary in length and difficulty, thereby it is best to discuss any project with a sales manager to determine pricing. This is also best because most projects require some explanation and additional attachments. We want to ensure that we have everything we need in order to complete a project before taking it on.


  • 1) Prices shown do not apply to all universities and all classes require a different level of effort, which will be reflected in the price.
  • 2) Essay pricing depends on the number of pages and format. Also if there is research required it would result in a price increase. We only do original non-plagiarized essays and we do not resell papers.
  • 3) For exams, quizzes, and homeworks, the prices shown reflect a bulk discount for multiple assignments (between five and ten). If you have a single homework, exam or quiz, please speak to a sales manager.