You just need to login and provide us the relevant details, either it is full course or you want single assignment done we will do it for you! If you are looking for help in assignments, if there is anykind of deadlines, make sure to let us know!

Yes, you can pay someone to take your online class and as well as exam. We appreciate that if you provide 24 hr. notice so that we can schedule it properly. If any assignment or the exam due at the same day, it will be charged 25$ extra.


The price of the assignment and the online class will be determined on following factors:

  • Length of assignment
  • Length of the course
  • Difficulty level of the course
  • Amount of work in the course
  • Note: Simulations and labs will be charged separately.




Yes, we will help you out in your complete course. You just need to provide us the login details and let us do our work. It includes discussion posts, assignments, quizzes and exams.

Yes, we provide complete course package deal, but it depends upon how much work is involved in the course. We offer different packages because each course differs from each other.

No, we have professional tutors from US. So, they won’t know that someone else is doing work on your behalf.

You can save your money here; we rarely need textbook! But exceptions are there, if your assignments and exams are directly coming from textbook, then you have to provide us the textbooks.